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Bulky Item Collection

Each year, residents can dispose of bulky items and electronics during a collection event. Collection
events are held each May and November. There is no cost for collection during these events, and
residents may place unlimited amounts of bulky items and e-waste, including:

  • Furniture such as chairs, sofas and mattresses
  • Appliances such as refrigerators, ranges, washers and dryers, water heaters, dishwashers and similar plumbing or small appliances
  • E-waste such as computers, telephones, televisions, stereo equipment and other electronic devices
  • Yard waste such as tree branches, scrap wood or bundles up to 4’ long
  • Clothing
  • Other non-hazardous items
  • Pick-up truck or automobile tires

All items must be able to be moved by two-man crews or they will not be collected

Not acceptable items include all hazardous wastes or materials, such as oil, solvents or paints,
no construction debris, such as concrete, asphalt, lumber or drywall and no equipment or vehicles.

Residents may also receive up to 2 free special collections each year. Call to schedule special collections
at least 24 hours before your regular day of collection.

Before placing items at the curb, please consider donating all working, usable items to local thrift
stores and charities that support our communities and help keep materials out of landfills.