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Special Services

Roll-out Service / Backyard Services
NASA offers curbside Roll-out and Backyard Services to customers, upon request, for an additional
charge. Roll-out services include the collection of refuse, green waste and recycling carts, from a location
other than curbside. The service requires that the driver dismounts the collection vehicle in order to obtain
the carts from their storage location, empty them and properly return them to their storage location.

*To utilize this service the customer must grant to NASA the right of access onto their premises in
order to carry out the services and carts must not exceed 60 pounds.

Manure Collection
NASA is a firm believer in recycling as much as possible; therefore we offer special collection and recycling
of horse manure and bedding. Working with a local facility, all materials are composted rather than
disposed in a landfill. Research has shown that composting this material provides the following benefits:

  • 100% of animal waste is recycled
  • reduces flies and their larvae
  • kills parasites and pathogens
  • reduces odors
  • kills weed seeds
  • evens out grazing patterns
  • protects water quality