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C&D / Temporary Services

Temporary Bins for Construction and Clean-up

Our Temporary Services are likewise ideal for a variety of short-term projects. Whether it’s clearing your
garage for better space usage or a more complex project such as constructing a new home, we perform
the task at hand with absolute professionalism and to your exact specifications. NASA will also ensure
compliance with all local and state recycling mandates for C&D materials.

IMPORTANT: All residents ordering temporary bins are REQUIRED to obtain a temporary use
permit from the City of Pico Rivera before a bin may be placed in the street. Permits may be
obtained from the City of Pico Rivera City Hall located at 6615 Passons Blvd., Pico Rivera 90660,
and are FREE of charge. Permits are valid for 7 days, and it is the residents’ responsibility to
obtain and comply with all City rules and regulations pertaining to the issuance of use permits.