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Special Wastes

There are many items that may not be placed in your regular curbside trash, recycle or green waste bins.
These including items such as, construction debris, large bulky items, electronic wastes, hazardous
wastes, motor oil and medical wastes. To help you dispose of these materials, please review the following

Electronic Waste – Electronics & corded devices may not be placed in the trash or recycle carts.

Free Drop Off site at:
NASA Services, Inc.
1100 South Maple Avenue, Montebello, CA 90640 or call 888-888-0388 for collection.

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) – It is illegal to dispose of hazardous waste improperly.
For proper disposal of HHW call 888-CLEANLA or visit No hazardous
waste may be placed in the curbside containers, including the following: NO: Antifreeze, batteries, auto fluid, cleaning products, flammables, herbicides, motor oil, paint, pool supplies, light bulbs,
sharps, propane.

Medical Waste and Sharps Collection – Residents and Businesses may not dispose of medical waste
or needles in the trash or recycling containers. NASA Services does provide FREE Sharps Collection
once a year to all residents of the City of Pico Rivera, but other medical wastes must be contracted and
paid for inspanidually. To receive your Sharps Collection container, please contact NASA Services at

Proper Paint Disposal – Proper disposal and recycling of paint is the LAW in California. Paint may not
be disposed in the trash or down the drain. Unused paint may NOT be ‘dried-out’ in an open container
due to strict air quality regulations. Drop-off sites are located throughout California for the collection and
reuse/recycling of paint and primers, stains, sealers, and clear coatings in 5-gallons or less.

To locate a drop-off near you, visit

Motor Oil -It is illegal to improperly dispose of used motor oil. It may only be disposed at a certified
collection point.

You can receive $.40/gal that you recycle.

Certified Collection Centers

Auto Zone:
9350 Whittier Boulevard
Pico Rivera, California 90660

Auto Zone:
9234 Slauson Boulevard
Pico Rivera, California 90660