Our Approach

Superior service and commitment to excellence are the foundations of NASA Services. If we regard our work to be essential, we consider our clients’ projects indispensable.

At the time we meet our clients and throughout our work commitment, we provide them with attentive, personalized service. Prior to the start of your project, our highly skilled representatives give you a detailed site survey and work assessment, including an evaluation of recycling benefits. The job proposals we prepare for you are always designed to achieve the best combination of solutions.

Our core objective is to surpass expectations in terms of professionalism and diligence. From our account representatives to our service maintenance crew, our efforts on a daily basis aim to ensure the smoothness and success of each and every job. We achieve this through open communication with our staff, seeking to continually help fine-tune their abilities and optimize their performance.

NASA Services adheres to all local, state, and federal regulations and environmental guidelines to minimize landfill disposal and maximize recyclable collections. Toward these goals, NASA Services offers municipalities, commercial and industrial establishments, single-family homes, multi-family dwellings, and construction and demolition sites the tools to meet all regulatory requirements.

With this program in place, the diversion of recyclable materials is conducted prior to the transfer of waste, through our alliance with Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs). While non-recyclable waste is transported to landfills, recyclable materials are sorted through source separation or commingled recycling programs and prepared for shipment to processing plants.


For quality assurance, we treat facility maintenance and vehicle inspections as two of our top priorities. Every day, before leaving our facility, our vehicles are washed and subjected to an 18-point inspection.

These measures minimize any unforeseen complications and ensure the safety of our drivers as well as others on the road. In addition, a more rigorous inspection is performed every 90 days, and an annual overall assessment is made to ensure the mechanical integrity of our vehicles.

With a certified maintenance crew on location and service trucks ready for on-site repairs, we stand confidently behind our “No Down Time” pledge. From collection and recycling to the transfer of solid waste, our operations adhere to all local, state, and federal safety regulations and environmental guidelines. It’s why NASA Services has earned the prestigious Safety Award of the California Highway Patrol’s BIT Inspection Program successively since 1995.

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