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Pico Rivera

NASA Services has been awarded an exclusive contract by the
City of Pico Rivera. We look forward to building a lasting relationship
with the community and providing the citizens of Pico Rivera with the
outstanding quality of service they deserve.

Our services include the collection of residential waste, recyclables
and green waste, commercial waste and recyclables, as well as, all
construction and demolition debris.

NASA Services has always been a community-based company,
and we’re particularly proud of the opportunity to work in Pico Rivera.
Our goal is to become a household name in the community, by not
only offering top-notch services and customer support, but engaging
in community give-back and corporate practices that benefit residents
and businesses alike.

We welcome the opportunity to serve the City of Pico Rivera, and we
pledge to provide uncompromising service.

NASA is delighted to support many local programs,
organizations, and schools, including:

  • Pico Rivera Christmas Basket Committee
  • Shade Lane Senior Club
  • Pico Don’s Football
  • Angel Step Inn Family Services
  • Pico Fast Pitch
  • El Rancho Unified High School
  • Armenian Mesrobian School
  • Teen Court
  • Smithpark Baseball
  • Rivera Baseball Association